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Word Association Test [WAT] Tips

Word Association Test which is also known as WAT and is considered to revile someones inner self or personality. The aim of word association test at ISSB test is to assess the thinking process of the candidates. The word presented to the candidates evoke instantaneous association with some ideas as the perception and the association sentence the ISSB candidate wrote reveals his personality traits. Here are some basic tips on how to perform well in Word association test at ISSB which will help you to successfully compete through WAT and hence ISSB.

  • Respond to the word shown as quickly as possible. This will not only make you prepare for the next word but also make room for tricky words which need more consideration.
  • Word Association Test is not a test of English or Grammar so don’t worry much about the sentence structure as it will make you ISSB performance suffer which matters more than a single test.
  • First response is the most natural response of a person and closer to his actual personality so write what comes first to your mind.
  • Stay positive. Remember a negative word can be structured as positive.
  • Be brief and don’t write long sentences as it will be a pure wastage of your precious time. Keep in mind that your each and every second at ISSB center is precious.
  • Don’t use to many IS, Are or in short helping verbs.
  • Use paste tense.
  • At times the structured sentence may not be good enough to meet the requirements of defense forces but stay calm you one sentence wouldn’t make a difference.
  • The words may and may not should not be used.
  • Words presented to you for association can be used in any of its other forms also e.g. Noun, Verb, Adjective etc..
  • Try not to use names in your sentences.
  • Make complete short sentences. However if you are running out of time a single word which clearly convey the candidates idea or thought can be used as well.
  • Ensure serial no of the words matches the serial of your answer book.
  • Also avoid making sentences with I, Me, Myself, Mine.
  • Try to build third person sentences containing He, She, They, Them etc..
  • Don’t give advisory remarks i.e. should, could, would etc..
  • Prefer not to start your sentence with be, don’t be or because.
  • Avoid phrases idioms or factual sentences as it may shows your quick mind but not you own personality traits.
  • Avoid anti social responses. As it gives a highly immature image of you.
  • You don’t need to write the word before sentence.
  • Underline the provided word if permits and remember if you underline one then underline others as well or leave them all.
  • Project character qualities in your sentences.
  • Don’t provide them with all your sentences cluttered with or about armed forces.
  • Be ligible.

If you have any doubts our admins are always here to get you out of trouble. Post your queries in comments, replying to your queries is our earliest preference. Best of luck for your ISSB visitors.

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