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What Word Association Test [WAT] Is

“Word Association” means free association in which a word serves as the stimulus object.

WAT is a testing method used during the intelligence tests held at ISSB center for exploring the contents of your mind. As the short amount of time is given for every single word you must be very fast to respond, and sentences formed during this short period of time clearly states your mindset. How you think, how you act in different situations, it also tells whether the candidate can understand, initiate and originates new ideas in his mind perfectly or not and by which a physiologist can get an image of yours. So get yourself be very prepared as the more you practice the more you will get used to it, more perfect, correct and meaningful sentences you will be able to write resulting a better image and greater chances of success. An example of words used in WAT includes Officer, policy, Dislike, Journey, Father, Girl, etc.


Therefore it is not advised to write long lengthy sentences rather short and meaningful sentences will make your work easy and very helpful as it will enable you to save your precious time over there and you can give attention to some other words of which you don’t know the meanings or wasn’t able to carve a sentence. Remember writing incomplete or meaningless sentences is never advised.


At ISSB you may come across two scenarios:

  • You are asked to use the same word in your sentences.
  • You are asked to write sentences which have the same meaning as of the word given


It’s really like depending on the officer on duty’s choice which type of sentences he/she give more importance, as some look forward toward a sentence containing synonym and some want you to carve a sentence¬†with the same word. Often they mention what they expect from you and if don’t, don’t hesitate and ask them what they are looking for!


Last, you must be prepared for both of the cases mentioned above. Start practicing now by following us at WAT Test 1

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