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Verbal Intelligence Test – [ VIT 2 ]

Second Verbal Intelligence Test for you to get yourself prepared for the initials and also for the intelligence tests at ISSB test centers. The difference is only that you have to answer it on an answer sheet in ISSB where in initials you gonna solve the test online on computers.

Lets begin:

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Whilst considerable care has been taken in the preparation of this quiz still there may be errors or omissions in the data presented which can be corrected if pointed via an email or a comment.

15 Responses to Verbal Intelligence Test – [ VIT 2 ]

  1. Sir how many questions from each category comes in issb & how much % is necessary for showing good intent in front of the invigilators,,…………………………..??

    • As per my updates which may have changed now, 80 questions for verbal intelligence test which you have to do in half an hour and rest I’ll tell you latter after getting a confirmed report :)

  2. What would I get by playing games with you Adil? The system is automated the questions, their choices and their answers are uploaded once so this is something … or let us suppose that you actually have selected honey, thats great you know the correct answer. Well done.

  3. Muhammad Usman Zafar

    Adilamin762 is right same had hapnd wid me. . .  ur system also said me that i gave 7 crct answr even i knw vat ansr i gave. . .I had checked that the answers which i had given were not marked

  4. sir how much is passing %

  5. sir how much is passing %

  6. sir agar issb me dari k barey me baat kare to kia jawab dena best ho ga

  7. This is truly awful – beginning with misspelled words in the questions, ending with incorrect answers (e.g., “fire: ashes”.) Truly awful test. Safe yourself the bother.

  8. *Save

  9. Sir ji..!! kindly tell me ,how to solve 90 questions in a brief time of 30 mins.?? what is the best way to solve the intelligence questions?? what is the best way to pass the intelligence test??

  10. da lag graan wu

  11. Dear commenters, i tel u that in preliminary tests and also in ISSB tests 90 questions are asked on computer and these are from Math, Islamiyat, Pak Studies, English and Gen Knowledge based on MCQs. And after solving tests if u have passed then it appears “congratulation” and if not then ” you may go” on computer Screen. And no one know that how many questions would be asked but 90 questions required solve in 40 mins each verbal and non verbal questions.

  12. And dear admin, I am going to give preliminary test (written/intelligence) on 10 December, 2012 at Lahore AS & RC. Please pray for my success in exams. Plz all viewers u too, pray for my success. God bless u.

  13. Dear Pakistanies, if u want to know more about Selections, test procedures and many others, u dnt wory and bought a book dogar’s unique PMA Long course which wil guide u completely. Stay blessed and remember me in ur prayers. If u want to know more about it mail me at my authentic email id “thissaqlain@gmail.com”. Thankyou.

  14. Sorry, i correct that actually 96 verbal and 96 non verbal questions are asked and time for each id 40 minutes. and in academic test there are asked 40 questions from English, Islamiyat, Math, General Knowledge and Pak Studies and time is given only 40 minutes.