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Useful Tips & Hints For Interview


Trolling Piece Of Advice:

A great no of issb candidates are searching for issb interview preparation. Well before I should start, remember you are what, you are and the sames goes for me. I am what I am, and for sure you, me and we all are just perfect the way we really are. This may look obscured at first and maybe weird too but reality is that everyone has its own pernality, his own charm and that is what makes a person distinguished to an other person. Hence you should pay attention to what other say, how good some other candidates experience was, and what are the pros and  cons which tips will do the job well done but act what like what you are yourself.

“Forces require real men.”

Don’t mold your own personality on someone else’s saying but if you really think you lack something real big in your traits then go or it, a pray for you all that you might get the honor of  defending our mother land too.

oh you were looking for some issb interview tips? well we are on it, below are some tips the candidate should take advantage of and get a lead on his other group members:

  • The candidate (interviewee) must feel natural and easy.
  • You should enter the interview room with faith in Allah and self-confidence.
  • The candidate must answer questions in an easy and natural way.
  • Answer by the interviewee (issb candidate) must be relevant to the asked questions.
  • He should not attempt those questions which are not put to him which may includes his academic qualification, family links and other stuff which have already been furnished in the application form, and often, entangle the candidate into trouble.
  • The interviewee must be very smart in listening and answering the question put to him.
  • He should be sensible as well as sensitive.
  • Your approach to the asked questions should be positive and not negative.
  • Candidate should try to make the conservation lively.
  • You must use simple and right words while answering questions.
  • Avoid using the words “Sorry sir, I missed if you can please repeat”, “I beg your pardon”. He should answer the question as soon as it is put to him.
  • Interviewee (candidate) should not get confused if a complicated question  is put to him and should not pause for a long time.
  • You should look into the eyes of the interviewing officer and be cheerful while talking to him.
  • The candidate (interviewee) must be courageous enough to admit his mistakes if the interviewing officer points out. The spirit of honest owning enhance ones prestige in front of the interviewing officer.
  • You should bluff or go for a hazard guess if you are unknown to some question or don’t know an exact answer, you don’t know something correctly, own it.
  • You should not criticize your fellow group members.
  • You must listen and observe, know the occasions of listening and answering.


Important: Before appearing in an interview, the candidate make a perpetual practice in the art of interview. For this purpose he should win the co-operation of his friends, colleagues and family members. Practice, Practice and Practice.

3 Responses to Useful Tips & Hints For Interview

  1. very fruitfull tips

  2. its good for me and for others InshaALLAH.

  3. They often play tricks on Canidates like asking him to serve a a cup of tea or confuse him by pointing outsome wrong thing in his dress that actually isnt wrong, or asking him to go bring some item, or to go back and come again, close the door etc…. What to do in such situation?