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Thematic Apperception Test – [TAT 2]

Hers our second bundle of images for Thematic Apperception Test for ISSB which is also know as Story Writing Test or pointer Stories. Some tips for better story writing will came latter on. Please note users that these images where taken from a facebook fanpage names 130PMA LC and you can join them at: facebook.com/130LC (nice url btw). Stay updated by visiting us regularly and don’t forget to join our facebook and twitter network :)

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Pictorie stories, pointer stories, thematic apperception test at ISSB centers

Picture Story Writing Image No. 6



Thematic Apperception Test, pointer stories, picture story writing at ISSB

Picture Story Writing Image No. 7



picture story writing, pointer stories at ISSB thematic apperception test

Picture Story Writing image No 8



story writing at issb, pointer stories at issb ceter. thematic apperception test issb

Picture Story Writing Image No. 9



thematic apperception test, pointer stories, picture story writing at ISSB

Picture Story Writing Image No. 10


Next bulk of images will be posted soon and don’t forget to share your story with other visitors too.

10 Responses to Thematic Apperception Test – [TAT 2]

  1. hi once a guy was asked by the interviewer “what would you say if i say the paper(actually white paper)on the table is black?” the guy simply said ‘no,it’s white’. what he should have said? is ‘no’ the correct reply??

    • This is were your luck kicks INN! Consider these two scenario’s: (A)  The officer may think that you are mature enough to distinguish between right or wrong and will continue this approach during your service tenure. This means that you will not follow your potential officer in charge blindly and will react about the situation how you think too! (B)  He might take your plain NO offensive and consider you not suitable for the job as there is no NO in armed forces … You must say YES to your commander and yes! its true! He might think that you will not consider your officers choice and will follow your own that may lead to a serious problem latter, so Wrong Answer! And vice-versa for each of the scenario’s given above, hope this helps and if not then ask in a more descriptive manner and We’ll answer you for sure :)

      • Once an officer had asked a boy,   what will you do if i wanna marriage your sister??” What should be its right answer???

        • 1st. No questions hitting below belt are allowed at ISSB. These all are rumors or this may was practiced some years before, not now. Remember your self-respect, integrity comes first and second your ISSB and other things. If one can’t defend his own self respect or personal integrity how he can defend his motherland some other day? 2nd. Let us suppose that the interviewing officer at ISSB asks you this question, a simple calm answer will be: “We will consider your proposal if came from a proper channel.”. This answer will be valid if your sister is old enough to get married or a plain No with reason that she isn’t old enough yet to be married. My answer helps your clear your doubt or not? do tell

  2. Ye sub suni sunaeii batein hein … Army or ISSB mai app k manners dekhe jate hein or ye dono harkatein hi tameez k daerey mai nahi ateiin … For a short moment of time agr suppose kr b lia jae k ye sach tha or us ne aise kia tu ye k -ve mind ko hi show kr rahi thein.. Kisi officer ko thapar marne k bad app se ye umeed rakhte hein k wo app ko recommend kre ga?

  3. Q:If you are with the girl you love alone, what will you do with her?

    • YOU just talk to her.. or at most hold her hand.. whenever somebody asks questions like these…  think how a civilized person should behave in such an environment…. btw girls also include your mother and sisters ,, i mean to say… you also love them… dont get stuck on girlfriend :))

  4. i hope these all material will help me alot in my issb my issb inshallah will be on 2 march 2012

  5. sir please is thematic apprecepation ke liye koi asan sa method bta dain…..thanks in advance

  6. sir plz send as many pictures for practice as possible