ISSB & Armed Forces – A Brief Introduction

AoA All, hope you all are good and in best of your moods, health and may have been already succeeded till ISSB Test, Competing the Initials – Preliminary Selection or maybe just thinking about joining Pakistan Armed Forces as an officer. In all the cases mentioned above your love for your country and armed forces is praised and I admire your approach. I must tell you that being an officer in Armed Forces is much respectable as doing any other job rather more that. You are honored, respected, offered with good salary, free facilities, free medical and much more. Wait! the purpose of telling you all wasn’t to hurt your devotion to protect your and mine motherland from internal as well as external enemies. But just for a little moment of time! can you live without food? shelter? and all other required stuff?

NO! and the best part is serving in armed forces lead to all these necessities of life, isn’t it great? obviously it is.

Another thing I forget to mentioned is that I congratulate you all to get to the Online ISSB Preparation platform where you will be finding all the latest happenings at inter services selection board and more import All The Resources You Need For Passing ISSB Test With Ease!


What You Will Get Here?

You will find here:

  • Syllabus
  • Latest Updated Information
  • Interview Questions
  • Tips
  • and Much More.

To make your way to the training academy you have always dreamed about and lately to your dream job. The only thing we are missing here is the physical training which you can do on your own and we our self will never ask you to join any forces academy as its strictly prohibited and affects your personality traits. You can get all the information online here for the written exams and latter for the physical do it yourself. Daily exercise, jogging and little bit of gym will do it on the other hand joining some academy will let you goo through all the process of G.T.O tasks and latter in academy your perfect performance will only give you a bad name [ ye larka academy ka lagta hai / he is already trained S.T.R.A.N.G.E. ], remember you can’t cheat the person appointed to examine your skills so NO ACADEMY STUFF. And let’s  get started with all the best wishes to you!

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