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Sentence Completion Test – [SCT 3]

Here is our third slide in ISSB test preparation for the practice of Sentence Completion Tests. The slide time is set to 8 seconds which is a little faster then the standard [10 sec] but it will help you to grasp the speed thus enabling you to perform better at ISSB centers. You can also download this slide to your computer for better visibility and latter use. Please note that slide can be shared with any of your friends until the slides are untouched or edited.

Download (PPTX, 190KB)


You can also download our previous sentence completion slides from here.

17 Responses to Sentence Completion Test – [SCT 3]

  1. Well sir, i want to know that if there are some sentences about beauty, love and some scientific propulsion’s then what kind of sentences we must ri8…………………………………………………………………………Please sir, if u might answer to my confusion!!!

    • Scientific Propulsions are not asked as there might be some candidates from medical background, some from engineering and rest from different other fields. Words related to beauty or love can be tackled easily for example: Love: I love my country. Beauty: (a)  Her beauty is a result of her excellent health (b) The weather was simply beautiful during our holidays. Please note that sentences addressing opposite or female gender doesn’t harm at all, it fails when two of your statements collide with each other which means that you are hiding your inner self.

      • Thanks a lot sir for ur reply..”It means i can praise beauty”… Like: Love is fragrance of soul, Beauty is reality of life etc etc And Sir, iam a student of medical …& i have observed a lot of mathematical questions that are confusing  me a bit & someone said mathematics of first year & inter can also come but iam a student of pre-medical so what can i do sir Is it ri8 or wrong…..???

        • Right, but most of the question are from 6th or 7th grade which includes speed velocity and time and that can be prepared now too. if you are worried about your Mechanical Aptitude Test then NO, most of the questions asked there of simple common sense e.g We have two buckets attached with one another and hanged over a pole. If we push one down in which direction the other one move? (just an example, answer: obviously up) So don’t stress yourself with such kind of thoughts and work hard to get used to a little bit of maths too. Hope I’ll see you soon in PMA :)

  2. Thanks a lot sir for ur reply..”It means i can praise beauty”… Like: Love is fragrance of soul, Beauty is reality of life etc etc

  3. Sir this is very best forum for issb preperation……………………….. I want to ask that sir(Abt story) “we must not mention anything abt issb?” Is that ri8 but if we write some stories abt army or any other phenomenon related to army…………..then can it be good or not……….

    • Mentioning ISSB or Army in one or two stories makes sense but relating every story to some what Armed Forces or training makes no sense. It looks like you are forced to write a story on army etc. Write one on army if you want and others on different other topics. There are plenty of them!

  4. Sir,,,In some pictures related to picture stories i have made my mind…. but if i write according to theme of just a worry in anyone’s life or character in related pictures then will it not count negative for me becoz i m just writing abt worries in their(character’s) life………………………………

    • Your story must contain these three basic elements: a) Introduction of the main character b) Peek of the story which might be what the scene is about. c) A “HAPPY ENDING”. Remember, you can mold a picture into anything you want. If you see a person standing next to door with his head down and hands on forehead didn’t mean at all that he is worried about something at the scene background .. I can write that XYZ was passing by and got hit by the door. He felt little pain but after taking a deep breath get to his ABC work and so on … (Example)

  5. Sir in initial tests we have to write about some unforgettable incident… &  , if we write an incident like: I participated in a tableau & acted good ….I was preparing for it since many weeks & finally i did it with good work…..etc etc Then will it be good & How much time is given for writing this incident….  

    • This isn’t asked in the initials rather this question comes last in your written test at ISSB. Anyways, this depends on what have been asked! Unforgettable moment, worse incident of your life etc.. etc.

  6. What is The password for openinf ppt waat files?

  7. What the password is for ppt files?

  8. AOA,sir can we write quotations for making sentence….please ans me….!

    • Sir, i m repeater candidate of issb n waiting for cal letter.plz give me some tips about issb .i m very thankful to u.

  9. tell the password for personlaity test wat please i really need thanx in advance