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Sentence Completion Test – [SCT 2]

Here is our second slide in ISSB test preparation for the practice of Sentence Completion Tests. The slide time is set to 8 seconds which is a little faster then the standard [10 sec] but it will help you to grasp the speed thus enabling you to perform better at ISSB centers. You can also download this slide to your computer for better visibility and latter use. Please note that slide can be shared with any of your friends until the slides are untouched or edited.

Download (PPTX, 79KB)


You can also download our previous sentence completion slides from here.

2 Responses to Sentence Completion Test – [SCT 2]

  1. If some senteces like: love beauty beautiful hand hand practice etc etc are appearing to test then what kind of sentences must be written for that,,,,,>>>>???

    • If have already answered your query in another post here: http://issbpreparation.com/sentence-completion-test-3/ Also, words like hand practice are not asked.