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Qualities For A Good Interview


Importance Of Interview

Why Interview is important? it’s because more can be learnt about a person, his personality, his life and his everything in a short brief interview than through read his answer books on different subjects. As it is often said that an article of interest can better be judged at a glance than through statement of its qualification in its absence.

A person might can fake his personality in tests but a person can never fake his inner self when he is sitting, talking, responding to your calls right in front of you. A judgement can easily be made at an interview because it calls forth all the faculties of human personality and is as such more significant and revealing than the written test. One may be extraordinarily successful in answering written question but may not be good otherwise. Interview or viva-voice discloses candidate’s mental alertness, initiative, self-confidence, etc. And this the reason interview has become an essential part of every important competition exam as well as of different other jobs inductions.

Importance of interview is very great. A successful interview of a few minutes may enable a candidate to win a decent career. It may carry him from the list of qualified candidate of that of selected or even from the bottom of such a list to the higher positions and ultimately to comparatively better services. On the other hand a little bit of deficiency may turn in the scales against him.


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  1. Thanx sir,,,,the points u discussed are all very impressive and hopefully helpful enough,,,,, Allah apko iska ajar de,,,

  2. Muzammil Hussain

    Thanks sir, you have discussed all points in details and enough for anyone to get prepare him/herself for the ISSB interview.

  3. AOA, Dear Sir, I am going for the Interview of DSSC (Crop signals),so kindly sir tell me something that weather they will ask question about the particular Domain. Thanks Sir