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Mechanical Aptitude Test [MAT-1]

Mechanical aptitude is usually thought of as an intrinsic mental ability that makes a person capable of understanding how things work. Traditional tests, such as the Bennett Test of Mechanical Comprehension, attempt to measure mechanical aptitude by using small puzzles about levers, pulleys, etc.

Mechanical aptitude tests measure your knowledge of straightforward mechanical concepts including: levers, pulleys, gears, springs, simple electrical circuits and tools. If you are taking a mechanical aptitude test for the emergency services or the military then the questions will tend to concentrate on principles rather than on making calculations. For example, you may be shown diagrams of a lever and asked which one is the most efficient. If you are taking a test for a craft or apprenticeship job, then you can expect some questions involving calculations.

Here is our first mechanical Aptitude Test sample model for ISSB.

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  3. scored 9 out of 12…..

  4. scored 12/12

  5. more issb mechanical test requried

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  7. Excellent questions. It induces us to think and solve the problems. Thank you..

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    Admin.It’s my Implore to you Kindly Putting more Mat Question on this site Pls……! I Really Like Your this site which is gonna to improving our Abilities for issb and bringing help to us For Issb Test preparation. Regards !!

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  11. in Q9 the ans is 4 times plz correct it because when pulley A complete one turn pully b will complete 2 turns. so pully c will also complete 2 turns and when pulley c complete 2 turns then puley d will complete 4 turns so the speed of pulley d is 4 times not twice

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  15. 10/12