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Non Verbal Intelligence Test [nVIT – 2A]

So many of you have cleared their preliminary selection for 129 PMA Long Course and are now preparing for their ISSB Exam ad some of you might be preparing for there initials for PN cadet Term 2012-A. So here is another non verbal intelligence test for you preparation. The only difference is that for ISSB candidates the test will be […]

Non Verbal Intelligence Test [nVIT – 1B]

Part two of previous Non Verbal Intelligence Test 1A with hope that your preparation is going good. We are always open open for your suggestions and wait for you feedback. Use our comments system or facebook fan page to report any issue or for your kind responses.   [wpsqt name=”Intial Test -1B Non Verbal” type=”quiz”]   Note: Whilst considerable care […]

Non Verbal Intelligence Test [nVIT – 1A]

Here is our first Non Verbal Intelligence Test for the preparation of initials as well as for ISSB Test. This time we decreased our questions limit to 20 only. Hope this time we will be getting better results as percentage to pass this test is set to 70 and the max questions limit has been decreased too to make sure […]

Introduction To Intelligence Test Verbal & Non Verbal

Intelligence is the ability to abstract, compare, contract and classify – Ebbinghans Intelligence is the power of reasoning and adjustment to new situations – Cyril Burt The word intelligence has been defined in different ways by various psychologist, but they all are agree to one simple definition which states: “Intelligence means an innate ability to solve problems” This ability is […]