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Interview Questions Of ISSB [Part 2]

Note: The previous part of this thread can be read here: Interview Questions Of ISSB   Things we will be covering in this thread are as follows: Interest & Hobbies Games & Sports Pakistan Studies History of Pakistan Armed forces General awareness General Knowledge Questions Religion Current affairs Abbreviations Boyfriend or Girlfriend Sex related questions   proceed to the next page […]

Abbreviations List – 1

A.P.W.A All Pakistan women association A.S.E.A.N Association of south east Asian association B.B.C British broad casting corporation B.C.C.P Board of control cricket in Pakistan C.B.R Central board of revenue C.E.N.T.O Central treaty organization C.I.A Central investigation agency. C.I.D Criminal investigation department. C.B.R Central board of revenue C.S.P Civil service of Pakistan. C.S.S Central superior services. C.T.B.T Comprehensive test ban treaty. […]

Interview Questions Of ISSB [Part 1]

  Ah, Once again issb interview … Yes because its the toughest of all, the point where your personality traits are judged, where you are assessed via questions relating to your personal life, interests, living with some other basic, complex and counter questions. To get started, interview questions at issb can be divided into categories as below: Questions from your […]

Useful Tips & Hints For Interview

  Trolling Piece Of Advice: A great no of issb candidates are searching for issb interview preparation. Well before I should start, remember you are what, you are and the sames goes for me. I am what I am, and for sure you, me and we all are just perfect the way we really are. This may look obscured at […]

Qualities For A Good Interview

  Importance Of Interview Why Interview is important? it’s because more can be learnt about a person, his personality, his life and his everything in a short brief interview than through read his answer books on different subjects. As it is often said that an article of interest can better be judged at a glance than through statement of its […]


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