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ISSB Call Letter Status

So most of you guys have actually made this up. Preliminary selection was too much easy… Initials were a piece of cake… blah blah and now you people are waiting for your ISSB calls? ISSB Calls are normally issued nearly 20days before your reporting day at test center and reached you by a week. You are advised not to wait […]

How To Join Pakistan Armed Forces

Today I was going through the logs file of this blog and found a lot of people coming to this site via a search query: How To Join Pakistan Army How Can I Join Pak Army How To Join Pakistan Air-Force How To Join Pakistan Navy How To Join Pakistan Armed Forces and a few more like the ones mentioned […]

How To Open Our Provided ISSB Preparation Slides

  This maybe not for you our daily visitors or daily computer users but today one of our users asked me the password of these slides so thought of creating a small video presentation about how you can use them on your system. Just for the sake of explanation the purpose of the password is not to offend you guys […]

Registration for PMA 129 LC Is Still Active

An update for you guys, PMA 129 LC last date of registration has been extended till the 19th of this month November but you have to visit ARSC to get yourself enrolled. So those you forget, didn’t get a chance to get them registered utilize this golden opportunity and get yourself enrolled as a potential officer of Pakistan Army.

Registration for PN Cadet Navy in Progress

For Online Registration for PN Cadet Navy Term 2012 – A please navigate to:  and click registration. For information please contact: ABBOTTABAD: Address: PN Recruitment and Selection Center House No. 149-A, Main Kakul Road, Abottabad. Phone: 0992-9310504-5 Email: D I KHAN Address: PN Recruitment & Selection Centre H No 25/A Shami RoadD I KHAN Phone: 0966-9280467 Email: […]

Join Pakistan Navy As PN Cadet [Term 2012 – A]

Get commission in Pakistan Navy as PM Cadet on term basis of 2012-A. The registration is starting from tomorrow 31st October and will last till 25th November 2012. Key Requirements for PN Cadet: Nationality Pakistani Marks % 60% (minimum) Civilian Candidates 16.6 Years – 21.0 Years on 1st July 2012 Marital Status Single Service Candidates 17.0 Years – 23.0 Years […]

Army Needs You – 129 PMA LONG COURSE Registeration In Progress

PMA 130 Long Course Announced. Click for more information. UPDATE 1: REGISTRATION CLOSED. UPDATE 2: REGISTRATION IS STILL ACTIVE VISIT THIS LINK FOR MORE INFORMATION.   Registration for 129 PMA LONG COURSE is currently in progress through Army Recruitment Centers and will last till 12 November. If you are above 17 and have passed you intermediate or equivalent with at […]

Schedule Of Work At ISSB Test Center

Complete 4 Day Schedule Update: Inter Services Selection Board has updated their test schedule, Now ISSB will be of 4 days (including your arrival day). A complete detail of your stay at ISSB center will be as follows: Arrival Day Reception Checking of Documents Allotment of ID / Chest numbers Photographs Administration Staff’s address Completion of Board Questionnaires 1st Day […]

Ineligibility Conditions

Candidates falling in any one of the following are ineligible to appear in the ISSB tests: Those who do not fulfill the academic qualifications advertised by respective services headquarters. Those found medically unfit. Those who have been twice Screened Out. Those who have been twice Not Recommended by ISSB. Those withdrawn from any training academy on disciplinary ground or found […]

Fequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked question by ISSB candidates. Q1. How many candidates are selected out of a group / batch? No definite number or limit is laid down about the selection of candidates out of a group/batch. If all the candidates in a group / batch come up to the required standards, all will be selected, […]

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