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How To Join Pakistan Armed Forces

Today I was going through the logs file of this blog and found a lot of people coming to this site via a search query:

How To Join Pakistan Army
How Can I Join Pak Army
How To Join Pakistan Air-Force
How To Join Pakistan Navy

How To Join Pakistan Armed Forces
and a few more like the ones mentioned above …

And if you have found this site via the same query or something similar, I assure you that you have reached a pretty nice location to get all the updates about the latest happenings of induction (Recruitment) at Armed Forces either its Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air-Force or Pakistan Navy.The question maybe simple for the majority of the blog readers and the answer more simpler but we do care for those as well who are low in numbers and aren’t finding the correct answer to this question.

To begin with you are called for an initial exam rather its an online test at the recruitment center which includes a basic intelligence test (verbal and non verbal, check our provided model papers for practicing Verbal Intelligence Tests ISSB, Non Verbal Intelligence Tests ISSB) and the third part of the initial contains academic stuff (English, Maths, Pakistan Studies, Islamiat and General Knowledge, etc.) We’ll be soon updating our site with this category too. Remember if you fail, you have to wait for the next course announcement. There Is No Second Chance, Its A Do Or Die Situation and you must opt for I’ll DO.

Once passed through you initial exams, you are called for you physical test, which includes running 1.6Km (1Mile) in 7.5minutes which is followed up by 15 push-ups (Mostly just 2 or 3 on the mark of the captain ranked officer but should practice for as much good you can) and 15-20 sits-ups and lastly ditch crossing. If you manage to qualify this round you are called for the initial medical examination and the failed ones are given another chance.

Initial Medical, it consist of basic height measurement (5 5″ minimum) weight (as per the body mass index BMI) chest expansion, eye sight (6/9 and 6/12 for distant vision while J2, J7 or N8, N12 for near vision, you can consult you optician for conversion into local standards if you are low on eye sight), color blindness test, bone examination etc. If they found some problem or difficulties you are referred to CMH where a senior doctor examines the situation. Candidates with having more or less weight, low chest expansion, etc. are given some time to cover-up the matter and are examined once again for clearance to the initial interviews.

Initial Interviews, a brief interview which starts with you introduction where the interviewing officers check you confidence level, Speaking English skills, a few questions from general knowledge, current affairs sometimes, and some basic personal questions about you and your family. Upon qualifying you are issued with an ISSB form which you fill up and drop at the same recruitment center.

So you have reached this far, for details about ISSB there is a separate thread you can read a brief introduction of ISSB there and if you got some questions, post it there and I’ll come up with an answer. Hope this helped you guys for any questions or queries post them in comments and the answers will reach you guys in not more than 24 hours (yeah, I’m fast)

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  1. salam i want to know about the date for registration of short courses for females…i would like to know what are the issb procedures for women ..i am mechatronic stuent and i want to apply as captain..kindly provide me some details abt dt.. regards