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Interview Questions Of ISSB [Part 2]

General awareness

Armed personal should not only be sound when it comes to his body but should also act accordingly when it comes to his mind. He should know not only war tactics but should also keep an eye on whats going on and where and that is what ISSB requires from you. It doesn’t mean that you should know each and every thing ever made found or lived on earth but it elaborates the meaning of being aware generally. This will sound pretty vague in interview when you’ll be telling the officer that sir I have done my intermediate in Maths and I have no idea what read blood cells are or how blood is circulated in our body.


General Knowledge Questions

In ISSB questions regarding general knowledge are often asked keeping in view the age, experience and social circle of the candidate. A rough estimate tells us that only 10% is of General Knowledge. At ISSB interviewing officer will mainly stick to the following information:

  • Name of Countries and their capitals.
  • Geo location (Geographical location of countries)
  • Name the current president, leading political parties.
  • Current international situation.

Expected Questions:

  • Where Germany is located.
  • Tell names of three countries located in Central Asia.
  • The current government in United States is either of Democrats or Republicans.

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