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Interview Questions Of ISSB [Part 2]

Pakistan Studies

NothingĀ  can be more important than the country you are going to fight for in forces, and this exactly elaborates the importance of Pakistan Studies when it comes to ISSB. It will be worth mentioning that once I meet an army officer who was appointed as an interviewing officer at ISSB kohat that time and in his briefing for the preparation of ISSB he clearly mentioned me that the statistics, weather conditions, border length (often asked) and every detail you may found about our homeland, Pakistan should be on your finger tips. I will never recommend a candidate who doesn’t even know whats the border length of ours with Afghanistan and what it is called. “Wo shahkas Mulk ki hifazaat kya khaak kare ga jis ko ye nahi pata humari Afghanistan se sarhad kitni hai?”. I hope I have made my point clear, else than this the topic name itself describes the purpose.

Expected Questions:

  • Border Length between Pakistan and Afghanistan?
  • What is Radcliffe line?


History of Pakistan Armed forces

The force you are going to join wants you to know at least the bases on which it propagates and grown if not the whole details for sure and that is why interviewing officers always ask questions related to Pakistan Armed Forces, majority ask about Nishan-e-Haider and the names of recipients of this awards. You can find the list of the martyrs who were awarded Nishan-e-Haider here for your preparation. In addition some other questions can be asked as well but majority of the interviewing officers stick to the recipients of Nishan-e-Haider and Inter Services Ranks. View Inter Services Rank List here.

Expected questions are:

  • When Captain Muhammad Sarwar was awarded by Nishan-e-Haider?
  • Army Captain is equal to which naval officer rank?
  • Name of the Chief Commanding officers of Pakistan Army, Air Force and Navy.
  • Importance of armed forces.
  • ISI is an abbreviation of what?
  • Role of our forces in Indo-Pak wars.


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