Aim of Inter Services Selection Board is to select potential officers for the defense forces of Pakistan who have the requisite capabilities to successfully complete their course of training at the military academies and also possess physical, mental, social and dynamic qualities to make successful leaders during peace and war. Inter Services Selection Board caters for selection of candidates for training as potential officers for all the three services of Pakistan. Services Headquarters, however, plan the total number of candidates to be tested/inducted in various courses as per their overall requirement/schedule.


Three Dimensional Examination

The selection technique followed by the ISSB is three dimensional. All candidates appearing before the ISSB are to take three different types of tests, i.e, psych tests, G.T.O tests and Interview. The Psychologist Officers, Group Testing Officers and the Deputy Presidents, who are specialists in their respective fields, administer these tests. ISSB assess you in order to determine who amongst you possesses the potential for leading the military outfits in peace and war.


Psychological Tests

  • Intelligence Tests
    These are of two main types; verbal and non verbal. Candidates who fail to come up to the minimum standards are screened out. They are allowed to proceed for the further tests but are never selected.
  • Mechanical Aptitude Test
    It is designed to assess candidates’ basic mechanical sense.
  • Personality Tests
    These are written tests of analytical/ projective type. Responses provide indication

Out Door Tests

  • Group Discussion.
    Informal discussions are conducted in a group on given subjects.
  • Group Planning.
    A group plan for a given problem on the model is to be evolved.
  • Group Tasks.
    Three group tasks are conducted in which candidates are presented practical situation and left to solve these. Normally these comprise obstacles over which the group is required to carry objects of sufficient bulk and weight.
  • Command Tasks.
    Each candidate is in turn appointed the commander of the group and given a practical task requiring several men.
  • Individual Obstacles.
    Simple obstacles which a candidate is required to tackle.



Interviewer assesses the candidates in an informal and objective manner. The questions would mainly pertain to the candidate’s life, academics, awareness and general aspects requiring the candidates’ views.

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