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Mechanical Aptitude Test [MAT-1]

Mechanical aptitude is usually thought of as an intrinsic mental ability that makes a person capable of understanding how things work. Traditional tests, such as the Bennett Test of Mechanical Comprehension, attempt to measure mechanical aptitude by using small puzzles about levers, pulleys, etc. Mechanical aptitude tests measure your knowledge of straightforward mechanical concepts including: levers, pulleys, gears, springs, simple […]

ISSB Call Letter Status

So most of you guys have actually made this up. Preliminary selection was too much easy… Initials were a piece of cake… blah blah and now you people are waiting for your ISSB calls? ISSB Calls are normally issued nearly 20days before your reporting day at test center and reached you by a week. You are advised not to wait […]

How To Join Pakistan Armed Forces

Today I was going through the logs file of this blog and found a lot of people coming to this site via a search query: How To Join Pakistan Army How Can I Join Pak Army How To Join Pakistan Air-Force How To Join Pakistan Navy How To Join Pakistan Armed Forces and a few more like the ones mentioned […]

How To Open Our Provided ISSB Preparation Slides

  This maybe not for you our daily visitors or daily computer users but today one of our users asked me the password of these slides so thought of creating a small video presentation about how you can use them on your system. Just for the sake of explanation the purpose of the password is not to offend you guys […]

Sentence Completion Test URDU – [SCTu 1]

Hi guys, hope you all are fine and doing good. Well we are back with another packet of sentence completion text but this time its in urdu as it predicts from the title. Before we should start we need to ask you about how you people need this material be delivered to you, either in images or in contextual medium. […]

Sentence Completion Test – [SCT 4]

Our forth bulk of material about ISSB test preparation for the practice of Sentence Completion Tests. Remember ISSB is all about practice and being as much perfect as you can and its always better to prepare rather then blaming the system latter on. In addition we are pleased to announce that soon we’ll be uploading Sentence Completion Tests of Urdu […]

Registration for PMA 129 LC Is Still Active

An update for you guys, PMA 129 LC last date of registration has been extended till the 19th of this month November but you have to visit ARSC to get yourself enrolled. So those you forget, didn’t get a chance to get them registered utilize this golden opportunity and get yourself enrolled as a potential officer of Pakistan Army.

Word Association Test [WAT] Tips

Word Association Test which is also known as WAT and is considered to revile someones inner self or personality. The aim of word association test at ISSB test is to assess the thinking process of the candidates. The word presented to the candidates evoke instantaneous association with some ideas as the perception and the association sentence the ISSB candidate wrote […]

Thematic Apperception Test – [TAT 4]

Fourth bundle of images for Thematic Apperception Test for ISSB also know as Story Writing Test or pointer Stories. Stay updated by visiting us regularly and don’t forget to join our facebook and twitter network. more over you can also subscribe to our email rss updates. For more ISSB material visit our downloads section here.             […]

Non Verbal Intelligence Test [nVIT – 1B]

Part two of previous Non Verbal Intelligence Test 1A with hope that your preparation is going good. We are always open open for your suggestions and wait for you feedback. Use our comments system or facebook fan page to report any issue or for your kind responses.   [wpsqt name=”Intial Test -1B Non Verbal” type=”quiz”]   Note: Whilst considerable care […]

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